We know how important it is for any business or company to have their finger on the pulse when it comes to moves projects, whether it is one person or one department. We also know how much of a logistical nightmare it can be to make sure everything runs smoothly.

That was before Collectiveview came up with a solution in the form of move management software.

Our move management software, ViewMAC, allows facility managers within businesses and companies to complete a range of tasks that would otherwise be difficult to keep on top of.

This includes being able to process, approve, track, and complete move assignments within a company. All while being able to report accurately the number personnel moves, cost of adding personnel, and monitoring changes on the floor plan.

Our move management software, ViewMAC, also helps coordinate communication to ensure all personnel involved in move business operations have the most up-to-date information.

This is vital in large working spaces where many employees can be moved in a single project.

So how do you know whether our ViewMAC move management software is for you?

We ensure our move management software features are time tested, documented and project approved. ViewMAC can be completely customized to suit your exact move requirements, workflow, and business process.

This includes:

  • An interactive wizard to walk you through each step of submitting a MAC (move, add, change).
  • The ability to track the entire process for single or group moves. This includes being able to monitor when the request was submitted, approved, and completed.
  • Being able to color code the status of projects to easily identify its status in the system.
  • Being able to generate automatic notifications via email, fax, pager, or telephone for specific actions or events.
  • Creating automatic work orders based on the information supplied in the MAC form. This can include packing box deliveries and workspace reconfigurations.
  • Having the ability to automatically update the location of an employee on the floorplan as moves, adds, and changes occur.
  • Removing the ability to select company holidays and weekends for moving days.


Our move management software is revolutionizing the moving process within a company. We look forward to working with you to bring your business into a new and modern age of business management.

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