IWMS Software & CAFM Software Company: Collectiveview

  • Collectiveview has implemented and administered IWMS (integrated workplace management systems) software in over 25 million square feet of corporate commercial and industrial space.
  • Collectiveview’s IWMS software project managers have coordinated construction and relocation projects in over 15 million square feet of space.
  • Our facility systems specialists and IWMS software specialists currently manage over sixteen million square feet of space worldwide.
  • Our IWMS software consultants have extensive experience in financial services, real estate, asset management industries as well as with a variety of integrated platforms and software.

A tried and trusted IWMS software company founder: Paris Subrizi

Paris Subrizi - CEO and Chief Programming Officer

CAFM Software and IWMS Software by Collectiveview and Paris SubriziParis is an accomplished programmer specializing in IWMS software, database development and computer aided design (CAD) drawing programs. Paris has engineered successful links between databases and AutoCAD to manage the intelligent drawings published to the web. He also serves as the lead implementation consultant for complex installations of CollectiveView’s robust suite of web-based software tools currently used in a variety of client environments. This includes CAFM software and IWMS software.

Paris has more than 22 years of experience designing and implementing data management systems for the real estate and facilities management industries. As a subject matter expert, his knowledge of both IWMS software and CAFM software is second-to-none.

Paris has formal training in industry benchmarking standards for space measurement and building performance which are acknowledged by the International Facilities Management Association (IFMA) standards and the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) Standard for Area Measurement.

Paris is proud to be the CEO and founder of CollectiveView, incorporated in November 2000.  

Our Corporate Mission Statement

Our mission is to deliver the highest level of service to our Clients and the Customers they serve. We believe in focusing our time on extracting, understanding and prioritizing the real problems that face our Clients and delivering the software and service necessary to completely solve the problems based on priority.

  • Service with a smile: - CollectiveView strives to exceed the expectations of our clients on every assignment.  We will set realistic schedules, and follow them. We will quote reasonable fees, and meet our project budget.  Finally, we will deliver our services at a level that promotes the highest level of satisfaction from our clients and their customers.
  • Knowledge of our software: - Our success is based on the principle that we have a thorough understanding of the underlying principles and business environment in which a problem exists.  We will remain focused on the Real Estate Portfolio, Property, Facility and Furniture Asset Management industries, and will continue evolving our knowledge of these industries. We can do that by constantly developing and enhancing the user experience with our software.
  • Technology: - CollectiveView is fluent in leading edge network-based software such as IWMS software and CAFM software. We are committed to developing solutions that leverage the power of these resources, delivered in a medium that respects the lowest common denominator of technology access within an organization.   In addition, when an engagement requires the implementation or management of a software tool, we are committed to using the best tool available.  This could most certainly be within our IWMS software. We will work in tandem with the client to determine the best solution - whether it is a legacy system, third party product or a tool we have developed.