Companies are growing at a rapid pace, yet the systems in place continue to age. What do you do when your day-to-day activities spiral out of control? You look into work order management software.

Here at Collectiveview, we offer specialized work order management software called ViewWork.

This software enables facility managers to collect service requests, track approval statuses, manage service vendors, monitor dispatch data, and capture performance metrics.

We know how important it is to maintain control of your daily schedule, so why make it any harder than it already is? Simplify the process and gain back control of your business with work order management software.

Our flexible interface quickly adapts to your workflow and business processes in order to meet your unique needs and dispatching methods for each facility.

How will my business benefit from work order management software ViewWork?

We have so many customers who swear by our work order management software. They love the convenience of it, and how practically overnight, they were able to take control of their daily company activities.

Our work order management software enables you to:

  • Receive incoming requests via company intranet, external websites, email or 24/7 toll-free calls to our Operation Resource Center.
  • Track the life cycle of work orders from submission to completion.
  • Dispatch work to both internal and external service teams.
  • Collect and analyze customer satisfaction metrics.
  • Benchmark key performance indicators.
  • Charge back time and materials to certain departments or buildings.
  • Automatically generate notifications via email, fax or phone call when a work order is submitted, approved, dispatched or closed.
  • Easily search for current and past work order by keywords, dates, locations, requestors, service team members, or types.


Our work order management software is all about saving your business time and money. Get in touch to see how it could turn your workplace from ineffective to productive.

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